School excursions

At Woodleigh Station we know how important it is for students to learn about agriculture – including where food comes from, how it’s produced, how it reaches our plates, and environmental sustainability. Without this knowledge, children won’t understand the crucial role farming plays in modern society or be able to make informed decisions about their food as they grow.

We base discussions and activities on the students and their curriculum, and can cover a range of topics. In any case, they’ll have the chance to speak to real graziers about what it’s like to run a property and the everyday operations of the station. Students can also learn about Woodleigh’s rich history when they tour the original homestead, and the hardships early settlers faced.

Our school program is both fun and educational, with students getting involved while they learn. Students can participate in activities like milking the cows, feeding the animals, and whip cracking. Or they can get more hands-on with practical tasks like pregnancy testing, branding, and ear tagging.

To ensure students get the most out of our school program we adapt each excursion to suit the school’s needs. Whether it’s a quick day trip or an overnight stay, a fully-catered visit or activities only, we’ll make sure your trip is worthwhile.

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