Woodleigh Station sits on the border of civilisation and the bush, which means it’s the perfect location for camping. Easy to get to, it’s still far enough away so you can escape from the bustle of everyday life.

Campsites are very popular (especially around school and public holidays) so contact us early to secure your spot.

Please note we do not conduct activities for campers; you must entertain yourselves.

To book your campsite please complete the below form. If you have a question check out our FAQs.

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What are the campsites like and how much are they?

Bush campsites - $30/vehicle/night
Our bush campsites are:
  • Unpowered
  • Private (you’ll be 100 metres or more from the next campsite)
  • Located next to water (a river, creek or dam).
Some sites are just a short drive from amenities; for other sites you must bring your own portaloo (no digging or leaving faeces and toilet paper on the ground!). Please note most sites have only gum trees for shade, so you may like to bring something extra.

Rambler's powered campsite - $40/vehicle/night
About our Rambler's campsite:
  • Located near the homestead and sheds, on the top river bank of the Millstream
  • Has a covered area on a cement block, which includes table and chairs, fridge and sink
  • Has its own toilets and a donkey shower (1 load of wood included in price).

Common area campsites - $30/vehicle/night powered or $25/vehicle/night unpowered
Our common area campsites are:
  • In a shared camping area near the homestead
  • A short walk from the Millstream River and a short drive from the Wild River
  • Located near bathrooms.
There aren't many trees in this area, so you may like to bring something for shade.

What is 'camping etiquette'?

To make sure everyone has a good time, we ask all visitors to abide by some ground rules we call ‘camping etiquette’. They’re mostly common sense; below are some examples. You’ll be given a copy of our official policy document when you arrive at Woodleigh Station. By staying at Woodleigh Station you agree to abide by our policies, including camping etiquette.

  • Camp at your assigned site; if you set up camp at someone else's site you will be required to move
  • Respect other campers’ privacy and not invade their space without invitation
  • Use the amenities provided or your own portaloos (i.e. not dig or leave toilet paper and other “treasures” for us to find)
  • Drive slowly, as livestock and wildlife have right of way at all times and can be unpredictable
  • Ensure your campsite is left in a natural state by collecting and disposing of all rubbish responsibly (e.g. at the council tip).

Can I collect firewood?

You may collect wood from the ground. However, given how many visitors we have firewood may be scarce; it might be safer to bring some with you, just in case. Otherwise, we sell bags of firewood (incl. kindling) for $20 – if you’d like some, please mention it when you complete the Campsite enquiry form to ensure we have some available for you.

Can I bring my dogs?

We assess this on a case-by-case basis. Please indicate what type of dogs you have in the enquiry form. If permission is given, you must ensure your dogs are restrained at all times - this is for the safety of your pet and those of other campers, as well as our livestock and wildlife.

Do you conduct activities, like tours or feeding the animals?

No; we do not conduct activities for campers - you must entertain yourselves.

Are motorbikes allowed?

No. Due to some unfortunate instances in the past, we do not allow visitors to bring motorbikes on to Woodleigh Station. Thank you for your understanding.

Are guns allowed? Can we go shooting?

No, we don't allow guns due to safety concerns. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I go fishing?

Yes, but we have a strict catch-and-release policy (otherwise there'd be nothing left!).

I’m interested in camping – can I drop by to check out the different sites?

To ensure our campers’ privacy, we don’t allow others to view sites when they’re occupied. To find out when some of our sites may be unoccupied for viewing, please contact us on (07) 4097 0204.

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is from midday onwards; check-out is before midday.

Are generators allowed?

Yes, small generators are fine. We ask that you please respect other campers who may be nearby, and only use them during reasonable hours.

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